Who We Are

Who We Are

SpiTech Web Services Pvt. Ltd. is a Software Product & IT Solution Provider Company that specializes in providing a complete range of Software Services and Solutions. The Software services range from the traditional to the transformational - Enterprise Product Implementation and Hosting, Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing, Collaboration and Knowledge Management Services, Business Process Outsourcing and Optimization, Remote Infrastructure Management and Testing, and the entire range of Software Application Planning, Portfolio Building, Development, Migration and Support. We create long-term, sustainable value for customers and shareholders. We achieve this by developing, marketing, and supporting products that deliver rapid returns through lower costs and improved customer responsiveness.

Throughout the year our team is always in R&D, learning and focused on contributing back to the software community. SpiTech's capabilities range from complete website design to custom software systems development. We deliver technology solutions that help clients to increase the effectiveness of their IT initiatives. We have gained solid experience in various technology and business domains that enables us to offer multiple options for customer and help select the right one. Our main focus is to be a "one-stop" vendor for our clients providing them with complete range of web design and Internet development services. When you approach us with your website design or application development project we become your total solution provider.

Our 5D technique











Our Structured Approach

The objectives of our approach are as follows :-

  • Provide the most effective and efficient solution to the Client's problem.
  • Incorporate the most advanced technology available on date in the solution with a primary focus on cost reduction in Client's operations through optimal Business-Process-re-engineering.
  • Reduce overall time required for computerization.
  • Confine the overall costs of computerization to the minimum.
  • Provide the most user-friendly Graphic User Interface to overcome resistance to computerization.
  • Provide software applications of the highest quality that are robust in design as well as algorithm.
In order to fulfill all the objectives stated above concurrently, we play the role of a Business Associate with our Clients. We follow an iterative approach in developing software.