History and Evolution

History and Evolution

SpiTech was incorporated on July 19, 2012 under the name SpiTech Web Services Private Limited . SpiTech the company name , the initial letter was baptized from our founder He is Mr.S.P.Soni, S.P means sheetala Prasad, I- means Information and Tech means technology ,this is the complete meaning of SpiTech

The Two Men Who Had a Dream
They began this operation in July 2012, with the aim to build an organization that develops partnership with its clients. From its inception, SpiTech flourished under the leadership of its founders, S.P.Soni and Anand Dubey.. Here Mr.S.P.Soni providing all the technical direction and Mr.Anand Dubey managing the business and marketing, the young company prospered, quickly gaining a reputation for innovative design and high-quality work. SpiTech has developed more Bussiness Software than any other computer services company in the industry. Here, we look back at the two men who foresaw - and tapped into - the vast opportunities the nascent computing industry could offer. We believe in aspiring accountable and innovation in whatever we do and wherever we go. And the great thing is that ,over the time we have not just met our clients expectations but have exceeded them consistently

  1. Er. S.P.Soni
    Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer

    S.P. Soni is Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer. He holds a BE (bachelor of engineering in Computer Science) from the JK Institute of Engineering Bilaspur (C.G.). In 2012 graduated as the youngest BE CS Engg. in the age of 23.
    SP spent a couple of years in teaching in institue and developing the college projects. He is passionate to learn new programming language. From 2007 he is started the programming and he worked hard to learn all the programming languages , and still he has good command in more than 28 programming languges & scripting. He is continuos learner he thinks new ideas and try to implement all these as soon as possible then he explore his knowledge by developing more practicals. Apart from development he is more interested in making trained the professionals.
    Realising the massive shortage of quality software engineers in the marketplace, while studying, he founded SpiTech in April 2012. Implementing his philosophy of "employ the best and everything else will fall into place" has been instrumental in SpiTech's subsequent success. SP resigned as Managing Director in July 2012 .
    Since graduation, he has been involved in a variety of projects ranging from developing large scale payroll systems to leading the design and development of distributed trading platforms for clients. He instilled a strong can-do culture at the company and successfully led a number of large strategic projects. Focusing on directing SpiTech's R&D initiatives and early stage business development of SpiTech's turnkey solution offerings.

  2. Anand Dubey
    Er. Anand Dubey
    Managing Director

    Anand completed his BE (Computer Science) at the University of Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekananda Technical University in 2012. We at SpiTech Web Services Pvt. Ltd. believe in the motto "that success leaves clue" thus keeping the motto in mind we strive to leave no clues for granted. We study success keenly observe the moves & milestone and prepare ourselves to follow them stringently. We have a culture to always strive to leave a smile on the face of our associates from top managers to a office boy. I have fervent hope that our mission will create a mark in the book of excellence the world has created so far.

  3. Priyanka Pandey
    Er. Priyanka Pandey
    Operation Manager

    Priyanka Pandey has completed her Graduation from GEC Bilaspur in year 2014. Just after Graduation, In July 2014 she joined SpiTech as a trainee for Professional Software Development Training. At the training periods she learned programming languages and software development. After 2 months training she came at SpiTech as Junior Software Developer through Interview. She is a quick learner and works hard to complete her task. She is also involved in SpiTech Training Programs. In the month March 2015, she promoted as Operation Manager. She is still working good for the company.

  4. Raj Kumar Singh
    Er. Raj Kumar Singh
    Project Manager

    Rajkumar singh has Completed his B.E. (Computer Science & Engineering) from Chouksey Engneering college, Bilaspur in 2013. He joined SpiTech as a trainee, during training period his sincerity and urge to learn made him an active participant in class always. He was truely expert in the way he performed his task and was anxious that things were to satisfaction thats why he got an opportunity to worked at SpiTech as Software Developer and in 2014 he promoted as Project Manager. He has a very pleasant disposition.